Winter Date Night Ideas at Home

Fantastic Winter Date Night Ideas

I don’t know about you but in the winter I hate leaving the house. It’s so cold outside and that cold just saps away my energy and interest in doing things. But, I still want to have a great date night with my husband. That’s why I came up with this list of great stay at home winter date night ideas.


Board Game Night

My husband and I love to play board games so it’s no surprise that this is one of our favorite at-home date night ideas. We turn the lights down low, pour ourselves some drinks and break out our favorite games. When we feel like spicing things up a bit we’ll both go out and buy a new game to add to our collection.


Eat Take Out by Candlelight

As much as I love cooking I love taking a night off from cooking even more. Eating take out by candlelight is oddly romantic. It doesn’t put any pressure on anyone to cook a good meal and it leaves you with plenty of energy for talking and anything else that may come up during your date.


Make Dessert Together

Speaking of things that may come up, cookies! Baking cookies together is a blast. Don’t be afraid to get a little bit messy with a flour war. Or you can imitate that scene in Ghost over a bowl full of cookie dough. Just make sure Unchained Melody is playing in the background.

Paint with Watercolors

Go out and get a couple of kid’s watercolor sets and have a romantic night in painting. Paint the place where you first met, where you got engaged, or just your favorite place to go as a couple. Don’t forget to include a painting of your other half. Don’t worry about it looking like a child painted it, the point is to have fun!


Do a Puzzle Together

Get a massive puzzle, turn the lights down low, and break out the drinks. This is one of those fantastic activities for couples who want more time to talk but also want to be doing something. This is a date that can go on for several days depending on how big the puzzle is. Just make sure that you can put it somewhere safe from any little hands or paws that might try to “help.”


Movie Night

Take turns picking a theme for a movie night. Go for movies that your significant other hasn’t seen but you love. This is a great opportunity to get to know one another even more. So don’t be afraid to show your secret love for the old Japanese Godzilla movies or 90s teen movies.

Have a Tasting Party for Two

While your mind may go straight to wine and cheese when I mention tasting parties you certainly don’t have to limit yourself there. Craft beer, chocolate, fruit, even potato chips can be part of a tasting party, so get creative!


Build a Fort

Break out all the blankets, pillows, and sheets so you can turn your living room into a fort. Take it to an extra level by stringing Christmas lights in your fort. Once it’s built watch movies, cuddle, or just see where conversations lead you.


Do Some Goal Planning for the Year Ahead

Speaking of conversations, one of the things you can talk about in your fort or outside of it is goals for the rest of the year. Talk about things you’re looking forward to, events you heard about, and the possibility of taking a weekend trip somewhere you both love.

Do a DIY Project

Is there a project on Pinterest that you’ve been dying to do but haven’t found the time? Make it a date! Pour some wine and put together a project you’ll be proud to have on display in your house. It will remind you of all the fun you had putting it together.


Do Couple’s Acro Yoga

Find a couple’s acrobatic yoga video on Youtube and give it a try! Make sure you have plenty of space and nothing breakable nearby. You might also want to make sure your pets can’t interfere. You don’t want to end up on one of those fail videos.


Color Together

Adult coloring books are all the rage these days. They’re great for helping with stress and mood. Coloring is also just as fun as you remember it! So why not do some coloring together? If you don’t have an adult coloring book feel free to steal a couple of pages from your kid’s coloring book.



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