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8 Ways to Take Care of Your Mental Health for Free

Going and getting a massage is great for your mental health, so is taking a vacation. But both of those things can get pretty expensive. Good mental health care doesn’t have to be expensive though. In fact, there are ways to take care of your mental health for free that everyone should be doing.



Even if all you have is your phone you can still write daily journals and you should! So many people have discovered the wonders of journaling. It helps them get through difficult times, work out things they’ve been thinking about, or just gives you a place to rant if that’s what you need.


Have a No Social Media Time

Social media is one of the worst things you can possibly do for your mental health. It’s filled with all the worst news going on in the world, arguments about politics, or you just end up comparing yourself to others. So when you feel like you need a little TLC for your mind dedicate yourself to taking a break from social media. If social media is your job, then at least try to avoid it on your days off.



You never notice how much clutter is weighing on your mind until the clutter is gone. So take some time to declutter by cleaning up and maybe getting rid of a few things that don’t spark joy for you anymore. When you’ve finished you’ll be able to look around the room and actually feel the weight lifting off your chest.



Walking in Nature

Find a local park, a state park, or even just a local bike path and go for a walk. Even just 15 minutes out in nature will be a huge help for your mind and allow you to unwind. Go with a friend or relative if you like, but try to leave the kids at home. This is a time for you to relax and unwind. Also, be sure to change up where you go for your walks. Your mind loves seeing new things and it is a great way to cure boredom and that feeling of monotony that can creep in when you’re doing the same thing day after day.


Cut Out Alcohol

If you’re struggling with mental health issues of any kind, but especially depression then you should be avoiding alcohol at all costs. Alcohol acts as a depressant and will actually make everything seem like it is a lot worse than it really is. Opt for non-alcoholic drinks when you’re out and don’t allow alcohol into your house.


Get More Sleep

It may sound easier said than done but try to get more sleep. Do this by cutting something out of your busy schedule, even if it’s just a couple of times a week. Every little bit of extra sleep you can get will help your mind repair and brace for another day.


Apps – Headspace

There are a ton of amazing free apps that will help you with your mental health. They might be helping you track something or giving you journaling space. Others will walk you through meditations or breathing exercises. Headspace is just one example of such an app (not sponsored).


Create a Vision Board

Finally, it can help to create a vision board, an idea of what it is you hope to do with your life. Where you hope to be in the future. Your why for doing everything you do each day. This will help you keep motivated as things get difficult.



How to Take Care of Your Mental Health for Free