• Food

    40 Foods You Can Grow in Containers

    You can have a garden that will feed you pretty much no matter what your living situation is, even if all you can do is grow plants in your windows. Last year on my apartment balcony I grew strawberries, cucumbers, several varieties of peppers, radishes, chamomile, catnip, lavender, onions, chives, basil, and rosemary. All of these were grown in containers on my small balcony and they don’t include the houseplants that take up residence in every window of my apartment. When I got started I wanted to garden to save money on our weekly grocery bill, to have greater control over what I consume, and for environmental reasons. So I…

  • Eco-Friendly New Years Resolutions

    12 Eco-Friendly New Years Resolutions

    This year I want to make 12 eco-friendly New Years resolutions that will help me further my journey to being zero waste and living an environmentally friendly lifestyle. These are reflective of where I am on the journey, not quite a beginner but certainly not a pro. Hopefully, they inspire you to consider where you are on your journey and come up with a couple of resolutions that fit where you are in the lifestyle change.   Use Electronics 1 Hour Less Each Day I use electronic devices a lot. All-day every day would be the perfect way to describe my usage. For most things, I am using my PC…